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Learn meaningful ways of reconnecting to yourself & others

I enjoy working with individuals who are experiencing life challenges, including:

  • Relationship difficulties or dissatisfaction

  • Struggling with loss or grief 

  • Family difficulties

  • Career changes 

  • Spiritual and existential questions

  • Separation or Divorce

  • Healing from relational betrayal, trauma, or abuse

  • Challenges that come from navigating  various transitions and changes in life.  


I have found that a customized approach to therapy for each individual works best, and I often blend psychodynamic, cognitive, and relational psychology theories and approaches to help individuals achieve their goals in therapy and expand their self-awareness. 


I offer a free phone consultation to help you explore how well we might work together.  If another therapist may better serve you, I’m happy to provide referrals and recommendations for trusted colleagues in our DMV area.

“I enjoy helping individuals identify what has interfered with their happiness and move forward in their lives by enhancing and encouraging their strengths and natural gifts.”  ~ Lori Bristow, PhD

About Telemedicine Sessions

During this public health crisis and for the foreseeable future, I have transitioned my practice entirely to virtual sessions. Using a secure video teleconferencing (VTC) platform, we join in to a session together and talk privately. Phone sessions are also available for individuals who prefer to speak only by phone, who are not comfortable using VTC, or do not have access to WiFi or steady internet connection. 

Telemedicine/Teletherapy/Telepsychology are terms used to describe the increased accessibility and flexibility in receiving psychological services through the use of mobile technology (laptop, phone, or tablet) or phone. To learn more if teletherapy could be a good fit for you, please explore these articles:

Online Therapy and Telehealth. published by Good

What Are Telehealth and Telepsychology? published by the American Psychological Association

Telehealth Benefits: How to Maximize Your Virtual Visit. published by Psychology Today

Notice to all clients regarding your bill for services:

The “No Surprises Act (NSA)” was passed in December 2021 and went into effect beginning January 1, 2022. What does this mean for you?

This act passed by Congress is a law stating your right to receive a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) of costs/fees associated with the services you receive from this practice or any healthcare provider and it is intended to protect you from unexpected out-of-network bills for healthcare. You have a right to receive a GFE in writing and orally when requested and when scheduling a new appointment with this practice.



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